🚀IRO (Initial Rush Offering)

How to Participate in an IRO

An IRO on RushMoon is an Initial Rush Offering. IROs let you get early access to RushMoon’s new tokens as soon as they are added. By being one of the first to have a new token, you can benefit from higher rewards!
IROs are available for a very limited time. Get ready ahead of the event to make sure you can participate!

Before the IRO

Before you can join an IRO there are a few things you will need to do to get ready. Follow the steps below to make sure you're ready to buy when the IRO event goes live.

Buy Ticket

To take part in an IRO, you'll need a Ticket. Having a Ticket protects the security of the IRO and makes it fair for everyone. The small cost of a ticket also helps keep the total RUSH supply down by burning a little RUSH from each ticket buy.

Check on your progress

Once you’ve followed the steps above, go back to the IRO page here. Scroll down to the colored
‘How to Take Part’ section.
You should see your progress at step 3, Commit BNB, like in the picture above. If for some reason you aren’t at step 3, go back through the guides linked up higher in this page.
And that’s it; you’re now ready to participate in an IRO when it goes live!

Knowing when an IRO will start

The IRO is a limited time event, only lasting one hour. You'll want to check the time to make sure you don’t miss out!

Check the IRO page

IROs will have a countdown at the top of the IRO page.

Use social media

There isn’t a set time before an IRO goes live for the countdown to start, so check RushMoon’s official social media accounts for news about upcoming IRO times.
The countdown and announcements will give you plenty of time to prepare.

Once the IRO is live

While an IRO is live, you will have 1 hour to participate. If you have prepared your BNB it doesn’t take long at all to buy the new token.

Checking the IRO is live

On the IRO page, look where the event start countdown was. You will now see a countdown until the IRO sale ends instead. This will let you know how much time you have to buy the offered tokens.

Committing BNB to the IRO

1. Let's commit some BNB to the IRO. Enter the BNB amount you want to participate on IRO.
2. Then click Buy RMARS button.
Remember, the IRO has a limit of about 3 BNB.
3. Click the Confirm button and confirm the action with your wallet. Once your BNB are committed, the Buy section will show your committed amount under “Purchased Tokens”.
You can buy more Tokens at any time during the IRO event as long as you haven’t reached the maximum. If you have, you will see "Max Committed" on the faded button.

After the IRO has ended

When the IRO has ended, you will be able to collect your new tokens. How many tokens you will get depends on IRO price and your contributions.

Collecting your new tokens

Collecting your new tokens is incredibly easy. Just go back to the IRO page once the IRO event is finished and click the Withdraw Tokens button
Confirm the action with your wallet. You'll now have your new tokens. Congratulations!

Using your new tokens in farms

Now that you've got your shiny new tokens, you can put them to work for you!
You can add liquidity for your token to receive LP Tokens. Your LP Tokens will let you collect trading fees for your pair.
If you've added liquidity for your new token, you can also use your new LP Tokens to yield farm and earn more rewards!
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